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Trade List

Abske Fides - Abske Fides
"Doom Metal
First album re-release with bonus tracks"
Jewel Case

Amantikir - Maldito
Blackened Heavy Metal
Digipack 3 panels with booklet

Arcano Arconte - Negativa Existência
Black Metal

Detention - Marginal
Depressive Metal
Band from Kazakhstan with Lilita Ardt from Ieschure on vocals
Jewel Case

Imperious Malevolence - Decades of Death
Death Metal
Jewel Case

Justabeli - Intense Heavy Clash
War Black Metal
Jewel Case

Lycanthrophy - Lycanthrophy
Grind straight from the Czech Republic
With a woman on vocals
Jewel Case

Moloch - Verwüstung
Black Metal
Band from Ukraine, exclusive edition for South America with new layout and bonus tracks.
Jewel Case

Movarbru - Sob o domínio do antigo culto
New release of this cult Black Metal band from Brazil
Jewel Case

Ossuário - Metal Antichrist
Speed Black Metal, as practiced in the past Sarcófago, Sepultura...
Jewel Case

Rites of Passage - The days were like this
Black Metal
Highly recommended for those who enjoy bands like Summoning.
Digipack 3 panels

Septicflesh - Communion
Luxurious edition with slipcase all in gold hotfoil and double sided poster.
Collector's Item.
Jewel Case

Zora - Soul Raptor
Death Metal
Death Metal masters are back with their 3rd and new album.
Jewel Case

Ad Gloriam - Esfera de Sangue
Black Metal
Unclui cover do Marduk "Werewolf"
Jewel Case + Slipcase
Release: 12/11/21

Moloch - Die Isolation
Release: 12/15/21"
Exclusive edition for South America, with Obi, postcard, new layout and bonus tracks.
Jewel Case

Sothoris - Wpiekłowstąpienie
Release: 01/06/22
Black Death Metal
World release of the new album by Polish Sothoris, in the vein of Behemoth."
Jewel Case + Obi + Card

*Info: *
_Jewel Case CDs will be shipped without the acrylics due to the high shipping cost. _
_Trades made for points; Digipack 5 points and Jewel case 4 points, Special editions 6 points. _
_For Asia contact Beyond Death Records from China (beyonddeathrecords@gmail.com) _